Q: On R&R Discount Furniture website I see two prices, the “list” price and the “sale” price. What is the difference and which do I get?

A: First “sale” price is our unbelievably low price to you. “List” price is very often the regular tagged price of our merchandise as if it was in one of our showrooms. “List” price can also mean retail or suggested price. At times “list” price can be the price we have seen on a competitors website. You get the “sale” price when you purchase online, and often if you contact the sales manager at either of our locations they will honor the on-line price when you pay cash or credit card in store.

Q: How does shipping work and how much does it cost?

A: rrfurniture.com has in house delivery methods and negotiates with over 50 freight carriers to try and guarantee the lowest prices on the most dependable shipping. The cost to you depends mainly on your location, the merchandise, and the amount of items you want shipped. Often our online system can calculate a shipping price automatically based on previous sales we have facilitated for other customers in your area. Other times your order will be held up until the most reasonable shipping cost can be determined, communicated and accepted by you. Once we find you a great home delivery price you will be contacted and prompted to complete your order that is pending in our system with the price adjusted to reflect shipping cost.

Q: How will I be informed once my shipping is determined?

A: An automated message will be sent to the email account and provide you with a link to complete your order. In addition a personalized message is sent by one of our representatives explaining the shipping costs and other information. Often a representative may contact you in person to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Q: What about shipping time?

A: If your purchase is extremely time sensitive we recommend forwarding us your shipping information before your purchase including street address, city, county, zip code, state, either electronically or over the phone. You will find that our representatives will be helpful in a timely manner to discuss your needs.

Shipping time depends mainly on your location, but it also matters whether or not the item is available, and the type of item ordered. If there are no product availability issues then Central Texas Customers can expect delivery within 1-4 business days. Customers out of our immediate area may take longer up to about 10 working days.

Q: What does item availability mean and how does affect my order?

A: Item availability is simply if and how many of a particular item are on hand for delivery. R&R keeps its inventory as up to date as possible so the item should be able to ship as fast as you complete your order.

Q: What makes you different from any other online furniture store?

A: R&R has the backbone of over one hundred years of experience in retail, wholesale, and discount furniture sales. Furthermore R&R has real showrooms and warehouses so we are able to accommodate and coordinate with our customers needs more efficiently. Got a question let us know via the contact section in our website.

Q: Is this all of the inventory you have?

A: In one word… NO!

This online catalog of inventory and brands is only a small part of what R&R can offer our customers. If there is a specific look or style you are interested in please let us know. In the contact portion of our website there is information on how to reach us directly or online. Any question fielded in person or through voice or electronic mail will be answered within 1-4 business days if not sooner.

Q: Can items that I see as a group be sold individually?

A: Most of the time items can be sold individually or in different combinations other than how they are shown. Simply drop us a line referring to the item by name or item number and one of our representatives will respond with an individual price or price for a combination of items that interest you.

Q: Do the items shown come in different colors and finishes?

A: Sometimes the items on display are available in other finishes, fabrics, or variations. Ask us about what you are looking for and you will be promptly provided with examples of alternatives.

Q: Do you offer any types of layaway programs?

A: We have layaway for one year no minimum deposit, no payment schedule, no fees. You can pay as you want when you want, just make sure you pay it off within a year. You can also call toll free 1 (866) 832-1094 ask for a sales manager.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: We only offer financing for the residents of the State of Texas only. Apply online and one of our staff will call you with your approval. Residents out of state are welcome to use credit or debit as well as use their Paypal account.

Q: Can I get the “sale” price by financing?

A: We try hard to accomodate our customer’s need for financing. While there are credit programs that do allow us to honor the cash/sale price in the form of an automatic rebate, many times financing is considered on the regular “tagged” price.